Virtual MEDICA - IMS in clinical microbiology

Visit the virtual MEDICA symposium from all over the world between the 16-19 November 2020.

Listen to the talk on "Ion Mobility Spectrometry in Clinical Microbiology" by Dr. Wolfgang Vautz.


For further information, visit https://virtual.medica.de/


ISIMS 2020 - Memphis, Tennesee - Cancelled due to COVID-19

Participation at the 29th annual ISIMS Conference in Memphis, Tennesee

ISIMS 2020


8. IMS Anwendertreffen- Potsdam - Cancelled due to COVID-19 -

Register and visit the 8. IMS Anwendertreffen in Potsdam on the 18-20 March 2020



Listen to our talks and our Poster

      • Forschungsergebnisse zur Anwendung bringen, Chandrasekhara Hariharan, Sascha Liedtke, Wolfang Vautz, Oliver Kayser, Anton Penner
      • Biomedizinische Anwendungen der Ionenmobilitätsspektrometrie, Wolfang Vautz
      • Überwachung von mikrobiellem Wachstum mittels GC-IMS, Carolin Drees, Sebastian Brandt, Wolfgang Vautz, Sascha Liedtke, Christopher Rosin, Martin Lippmann, Stefan Zimmermann, Thorsten Perl5, Nils Kunze-Szikszay, Max Podzun, Anna Lena Ermert, Martin Frettlöh
      • Anwendung der Ionenmobilitätsspektrometrie zur Differenzierung mikrobieller Erreger,
        Thorsten Perl, Wolfgang Vautz, Carolin Drees, Sascha Liedtke, Ursula Telgheder, Cornelia Zscheppank, Christopher Rosin, Martin Lippmann, Stefan Zimmermann, Nils Kunze-Szikszay
      • Kontrolle der Schlägerbehandlung im Tischtennis (Poster), Markus Knieb, Wolfgang Vautz, Pascal Vogel, Carolin Drees, Annika Fechner, Claudia Herweg




GPEC- PTI Fachkonferenz, Frankfurt

Dr. Vautz gave a talk about Ion Mobility Spectrometry - an electronic dog nose 

at the Specialist conference on weapons and equipment by the police technology institute at the German Police Academy